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wt., 19.11.2019

Muzeum Woli
wstęp wolny

Interactive Environment: from Concept to Reality | Wykład Jacka Lenka

Zapraszamy na wykład Polsko-Japońskiej Akademii Technik Komputerowych w Muzeum Woli.

19 listopada (wtorek), godz. 12.30-13.30
Wykładowca: Jack Lenk
Muzeum Woli, ul. Srebrna 12

This talk presents an illustrated story of how Tellart realized one recent project for an interactive exhibit room at Biomuseo in Panama. Starting from concept proposal and moving through design process and prototyping, to installation and resolving technical issues, we will hear what it takes to transform a clever idea into something real. The exhibit was opened in Spring of 2019 and serves museum visitors daily as a permanent installation.

Thesis / Discussion
The broader strategies of Experience Design lead people to interact not just with content or technology, but with each other, promoting discourse and excitement for learning.

Design is an investigative process. Iterative discovery of constraints through prototyping and evaluation leads towards clarity of successful design specification.

Bespoke configurations of electronic technologies are by definition unproven and therefore require a commitment to rigorous testing and a perseverance to achieve stability, but the results can inspire wonder and awe.

Jack Lenk serves as Director of Production at Tellart, an international experience design firm, where he coordinates teams to create projects for clients around the world. He graduated from the Industrial Design department at RISD, and remains involved in the academic community through teaching workshops and courses focused on the design of smart environments and multimedia communication.


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